Pet Sitters

As a pet owner, you will soon learn that you can’t always be home to take care of your pet. Whether your travel destination doesn’t allow pets or you simply work eight hours per day, hiring a pet sitter may seem fitting. Before hiring someone to look after your pet, always check their references and verify whether the sitter is a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters or Pet Sitters International. Both of these institutions pride themselves on providing superior knowledge about professional pet care so being affiliated with either is notable. Check that the pet sitter is insured and licensed in pet CPR. When you have finally found a pet sitter who meets your requirements, be sure there is a signed agreement outlining your pet’s care, including how frequently the pet sitter will visit.

Benefits of hiring a pet sitter

  • Attention is still given to your pet, even when you’re away. 
  • Can eliminate destructive behaviors caused by anxious pets.
  • Pet sitters can also take care of the house while you’re away. 
  • Pets with separation anxiety can become accustomed to the pet-sitter, relieving any stress and allowing them to be more relaxed. 
  • You have peace-of-mind, knowing that your pet is being effectively cared for. 
  • Your pet doesn’t have to adjust to a new environment or someone else’s schedule.
  • Your pet gets to stay in an environment they are comfortable in.


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Here's a vet that still cares.
Just wanted to say I love Dr. Petcu's staff and his compassionate , caring way of taking care of my dogs.The staff is not only friendly and professional ,they know who you are when you arrive ,and they actually love animals. Is the first Animal Hospital that my dogs are at ease and feel comfortable.The place is very clean and the reception area very elegant and inviting. Exquisite services and Dr. Petcu always take his time to explain the disease and options and still finds time to play with my dogs. He's always treated both his animal and human patients with compassion and dignity,and would never recommend procedures unless he truly feels your pet will benefit from it. One of the vets that cares for your pet. The prices are reasonable and the services exceed all expectations. I Highly recommend Dr.Petcu and his hospital.

Reba S

Western Animal Hospital AMAZING! Western Animal Hospital is the best place in the valley .The staff is professional, friendly, caring and accommodating. The hospital is very clean and upscale. The customer service and the provided services are outstanding.Dr. Petcu is one of the most professional veterinarians that i have ever met in my 25 years of pet parenting. I drive across the valley just to see him( i live in Anthem) .He really cares about his animal patients and it shows in every visits . He is very knowledgeable , compassionate, friendly and always takes the time to answer any question i have and explaining in detail any situation we are dealing with. I had my share of visits to many animal hospitals in the valley but none of them had the last technology as Western - digital X-ray ( they send you home with a cd for you x-ray records ) every room has a computer monitor where the x-ray shows and Dr. Petcu can review with me every detail of it. Also they have the laser surgery and digital dental x-ray. Dr. petcu is one of the most
courteous and pleasant Vets I have ever met. The prices are more than reasonable and also they try to accommodate everybody. I cannot recommend them enough. You can rest easy knowing your pets are in their care.I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS HOSPITAL - THEY HAVE A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE IN ME! very good !

Betty K

Western Animal Hospital this doctor is making a lot of sense and will explain everything in details..
prices are great ....

.the best vet I met !! Pam M. 5 Western Animal Hospital - we are bringing our pets to Dr Petcu for 8 years. He was always helpful, many times we did not have the funds to treat our pets but he was fine with us paying when we had the money. He saved our cats in many instances and all I have to say is that I greatly reccomend Western Animal Hospital for any responsable pet owner .

Yolanda M

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